제목 제32회 희박기체역학 국제 심포지움(RGD32) 논문공모 안내
작성자 관리자 등록일 2019-10-11
이메일 ksmeb@ksme.or.kr

32회 희박기체역학 국제 심포지움(32nd International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics) 2020 7 13일부터 17일까지 르 메르디앙 서울 호텔(Le Meridien Hotel)에서 개최됨에 따라 첨부와 같이 논문 공모(Call for Papers)를 안내 드립니다.

RGD32-Seoul-2020국제심포지움은 최초 인공위성인 Sputnik 발사 다음 해인 1958년 프랑스 Nice 심포지움을 시작으로 2년마다 각 대륙을 돌아가며 개최 중이며이번에 처음으로 한국에서 개최됩니다본 국제 심포지움은 Boltzmann and Related Equations, Kinetic Theory, CFD for Rarefied Gases, Space Propulsion, Mesoscale and Multiscale Modeling, Hypersonic Facilities and Diagnostics, Vapor Deposition Processes and Simulation, Plasma Flows and Processes, Shale Gases 등의 분야를 포함하고 있습니다. (상세 분야 첨부 CFP 참조)

32nd International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics  

Dates: 13-17 July 2020

Venue: Hotel Le Méridien Seoul, Gangnam


Contact email: rgd32@gnu.ac.kr (primary), rgd32nd@gmail.com (backup)


Plenary Lecturers

Grad Lecturer Dr. Tai-Ping Liu, Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica

Thomas Lecturer Prof. Wim Ubachs, Physics and Astronomy and LaserLaB, Vrije University

Bird Lecturer Prof. Deborah Levin, Aerospace Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

GNU-ERC Lecturer Prof. Emer. Byung-Chan Eu, Chemistry, McGill University 


Important Dates

Abstract Submission: 1 Dec 2019

Registration Open: 1 Feb 2020

Abstract Deadline: 15 Mar 2020

Abstract Notification: 15 Apr 2020


Abstract Submission

Papers will be selected based on a one-page abstract. The abstract template will be available on the RGD32 website by December 1st, 2019. Full manuscripts (not mandatory) will be solicited in August 2020. Manuscripts that are accepted after review will be published in AIP Conference Proceedings.


Registration Information

General:  900,000 KRW

Student: 550,000 KRW


RGD in Six Decades

Nice (France, 1958) Berkeley (USA, 1960) Paris (France, 1962) Toronto (Canada, 1964)

Oxford (UK, 1966) Cambridge (USA, 1968) Pisa (Italy, 1970) Stanford (USA, 1972)

Gottingen (Germany, 1974) Aspen (USA, 1976) Cannes (France, 1978) Charlottesville (USA, 1980)

Novosibirsk (Russia, 1982) Tsukuba (Japan, 1984) Grado (Italy, 1986) Pasadena (USA, 1988)

Aachen (Germany, 1990) Vancouver (Canada, 1992) Oxford (UK, 1994) Beijing (China, 1996)

Marseille (France, 1998) Sydney (Australia, 2000) Whistler (Canada, 2002) Bari (Italy, 2004)

Saint-Petersburg (Russia, 2006) Kyoto (Japan, 2008) Pacific Grove (USA, 2010) Zaragoza (Spain, 2012)

Xian (China, 2014) Victoria (Canada, 2016) Glasgow (UK, 2018) Seoul (South Korea, 2020)


첨부희박기체역학 국제 심포지움 논문공모(Call for Papers)

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